Internal Brickwork

"What a wonderful product!"
Michelle: Grafton, West Virginia, USA.

"We are so pleased with the result. Our painter had never worked with your product before but he watched a video and created exactly what we were hoping for!"
Susan: Cullman, Alabama, USA.

Susan used 5 x 'Dover White' 600g packs, 1 x 'Dark Ash' 10 litre bulk tin and 1 x Dyebrick 'Charcoal' Brick Tinting Kit to transform her kitchen and dining room.

"This has been a great project. I did a lot of research looking for just the right look and was so happy Dyebrick had just what I was looking for! My fireplace has around 300 bricks. I started with the LimeLike 'Dover White' for the mortar, then I used 'Fossil Grey' to cover the peach bricks. Finally I applied Dyebrick 'Charcoal' using two coats. I was able to achieve the exact effect I was hoping for!"
Melinda: Lufkin, Texas, USA.

"I love this, it was perfect for the job. I used it in the inglenook on a recently opened fireplace. I wanted something natural-looking, that wouldn't peel off over time due to the heat, would be colour-fast and easy to scrub clean if any soot comes down (plus this is a totally non-hazardous product). These bricks, although old, are very smooth. I wanted a textured, aged/distressed look so I used layers of colour to give the effect of texture. I painted a layer of Dover White over the whole thing first. Then mixed 9 parts Dover White with 1 part Fossil Grey (an oatmeal colour) and roughly painted that over the top. Then I mixed up small batches of Fossil Grey, Dark Ash and Buttermilk and painted, dragged, rubbed the colours in to or over each other until I got the depth I wanted. I kept the grout white. It is pretty easy to use. You do have to plan ahead (you have to mix and then leave it for at least 90 mins before using it, and keep stirring every now and then). As I was mixing batches of different colours, and kind of deciding as I went along what colours and quantities, it did take me a little longer (each time I decided to add another layer of colour, I needed to mix a new batch and wait). You also have to let it cure for a couple of days to be sure it is fixed. But the actual application is really easy - it's just like paint. The extra prep was worthwhile from my point of view because what I've got now will last. My bricks were very porous so the paint soaked in a bit more than average (plus this had more coats because I was layering the colours up). I bought one 600g pack of DW, and sample sachets of each of the other colours. Used up most of the large pack of DW and all the sample sachet of FG, but have some left from the other samples packs. (Also the company was very helpful when I wanted to 'swap' a colour pack - thanks for that.) If the bricks had only had a bit of surface texture I could've got away with much less product. But I've got the finish I wanted at a fraction of the cost of brick slips or tiles, or even just fireboards and paint. As a finishing touch I painted the grout on the hearth to match and I'm really pleased with that also. I love the finished result. I plan to use the same again on the brickwork above the fireplace."
Helyn, Northumberland, England.

"So easy to apply, with no odour and a real natural chalk-like finish. I am so happy with how my art studio is progressing with your products!"
Diana: Faversham, Kent, England.

"Ok, so a little about us. This is our first home as young adults and we aren't too familiar with brick types. My wife and I weren’t crazy about the color of brick we have on our home so we did research and found your product and how the colors you provided with our style and taste. I’ve attached the finished project of my chimney and we are in love!"
Ceasar: Houston, Texas.

This was the fireplace we redid to test the product before moving to our outside brick. We love your product and appreciate all the help you guys have given during the process!!"
Matt and Anya: Denver, Colorado, USA.

I just wanted to thank you very much for your Limelike and all your help. I am delighted with my fireplace. I have attached before and after photos for you to see. I am going to get a new oak mantle for it."
Veronica , Delvin, Ireland.

"We had to add quite a few coats of 'Fossil Grey' and we used your 'Lightener' product for the joints. We LOVE the result!."
Angela: Denver, Colorado, USA.

"I got bored with my old kitchen and wanted to modernise it. I tried the Fossil Grey sample pack and loved the colour! I then bought two 1 litre packs which did all the walls shown here. Its a great product!"
Mary: Birmingham, England.