LimeLike already contains powdered fixatives so you only need to use the Fixative if you are adding more than the recommended amount of water to the LimeLike Packs.

Assuming you wish to dilute the initial 1 Litre pack of any LimeLike colour to produce twice as much, then you need to add one of the 200ml Fixative packs to 800ml of water.

If you wish to make further dilutions then the proportion should always remain the same; 1 volume of Fixative to 4 volumes of water.

Please see this video for more information.

LimeLike Dilutions Video

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'Dover White' & 'Buttermilk' were blended 50/50 for the following project. The mix was then diluted six times to produce a weak wash to add a milky appearance when toning down these new yellow stock bricks.

Creating a light buff effect on mock stone, using diluted 'Buttermilk' & 'Fossil Grey' diluted 3x.