External Brickwork

"Your LimeLike product was an integral component to transforming our 1980 colonial home in Ellicott City, Maryland into what we're calling "Late-Century Modern". The color samples and a number of test brick (from sills that were being replaced) were extremely helpful. We settled on equal parts Fossil Gray, Dover White, and Dark Ash to get the color we wanted. We made a slightly-thin mix (25% more water than usual) to retain some of the original color variation. Applying LimeLike was easier than painting, and was greatly-simplified (understatement) once we decided to use the same color for the mortar as the brick. Doing so otherwise would have been quite tedious to avoid an overloaded brush to run down onto the mortar below. Thanks for making a great product and providing the help we needed to achieve this incredible transformation."
Chris & Ann Marie: Ellicott City, Maryland, USA.

"We love the transformation Limelike has made with our house! It’s given it a whole new life! We used Dover White and rolled our bricks with a foam roller and ended up with this beautiful timeless look! Thank you!!!"
Laura: Katy, Texas, USA.

"Love this product! I enjoyed experimenting with the charcoal dye over the LimeLike product to get the results I wanted on my brick. I decided to dye the brick and mortar the same mixture, as the LimeLike gives variation that would be absent if just using paint. It takes a while to apply, but I just put on my headphones and listened to music. The whole process was very relaxing. Finishing the brick shown took me roughly 20 hours over 4 days. We get compliments constantly on how much people like the updated look!"
Seth: Essex County, NJ, USA.

"Very few times have I used a product that did exactly what it was claimed to do. My wife and I are thrilled with the results of your product Limelike. We simply want to thank you from Reading Pennsylvania"
Dave & Claudia: Reading, Pennsylvania, USA.

"I finished and everything looks great. I will be replacing the roof and siding next. The product is awesome. I was able to use fossil gray and some of the dark bricks did show through and we love it. We have gotten many compliments. I have attached some before and after pictures but will definitely send more when we get the roofing and siding completed."
Justin: Ambler, Pennsylvania, USA.

"Hello. First off, I want to say that your products are great! I have ordered a few tins for my house. If you notice the house on the left (mine) there is a single storey extension which had mismatched brick due to the previous owner bricking the wall where the garage door once was. I used your LimeLike 'Dark Ash'. I then applied Dyebrick 'Charcoal' tint for multi-brick shading. I added some subtle finishing touches with 'Dover White' to create an effect which helped blend all the bricks together on front of the house.
A couple of weeks later I ordered a few tins of 'Fossil Gray' and some 'Dover White' and undertook a friend's property here on Long Island (the house on the right).
I intend to apply LimeLike to another friend's property soon, so will be ordering more and was wondering if you can do me the courtesy of providing me with a promo code for my next order? Thanks!"
Anthony: New Hyde Park, New York, USA.

"The experience I've had with your company has been exceptional! The ease of ordering, customer service and expediency has been remarkable. The international customs declaration process was simple and appreciated the text updates. Wanted to also let you know that my neighbors on both sides have approached me as they love the results! I told them about your company. Also, I've had 2 random people drive by and actually ring my doorbell to ask me about your product. Also, family and friends love the way it looks...It has given it such a fresh look."
Darryell: Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

HEIM-elich Blog

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. I found you online and was so happy to have the solution to make my ugly-to-me bricks look as though they have always been a different color! All it took was 2 buckets of LimeLike in Dark Ash max. diluted and about 45 hours of my free time. So in love with my house now. I wrote a post on my (German) blog about the process https://heim-elich.de/2020/08/neue-farbe-klinker/ and about the results https://heim-elich.de/2020/09/graue-klinker/ "
Jenn: Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

"Here are some pictures using the Fossil Gray as a base and Dark Ash as the highlights. I did blend some slight Charcoal tones using Dyebrick Charcoal too. I have had neighbors stop by thinking I re-bricked vs the dye. So easy to do, great product!"
Christopher: Wanaque, New Jersey, USA.

"We started painting the brick yesterday and it’s super exciting to see the progress! We mixed the product as directed-8 liters of water per tin and used 8 tins. We have light yellow absorbent brick and needed to apply two coats for adequate coverage. As always, thank you for the wonderful customer service!
Aneta: Chicago, Illinois, USA.

"I have completed staining my brick with Limelike Dark Ash as the base coat, then using your Dyebrick Charcoal Brick tinting as the "sponged" colour on top. Some highlights were added with the Dover White and Black After Tones. In all the project required 4 litres of the Dark Ash and one kit of the Charcoal Brick Tinting Kit which I diluted once. We are very happy with the end result and I am forwarding you a couple of pictures of our house, before and after, for comparison."
Wade: Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada.

"LimeLike really has held up well over the harsh winter and lots of rain. The product is fantastic...really happy with the result!!"
Cliff: Fairfax, Virginia, USA.

LimeLike Dover White House

" You helped me with my order in September. I "flip" houses in Southern Indiana and I ordered the fossil grey for this house which was orange. It looks amazing! So many compliments and so much interest in your product! I will definitely use it again. Thank you for your help "
Kristine: Palmyra, Indiana, USA.

""LimeLike Fossil Gray looks amazing on our home. Our neighbors are in love and so are we! We live in MN with warm humid summers and harsh winters. Prior to starting our project, we hired a mason to repair some mortar/tuck pointing. He said 90% of his service work is repairing painted (sealed) brick that is deteriorating, not a good option in our climate. We are so happy to find your LimeLike product that allows our brick to breathe and completely transformed our home that we purchased one year ago (2017)." Curt & Robyn, Plymouth, Minnesota, USA."
Curt & Robyn: Plymouth, Minnesota, USA.

"The house is looking awesome so far, and lots of neighbours are commenting on it. We're trying to spread the word on how much we like your products, so hopefully you'll get some more orders from Seattle soon!"
Jordan: Seattle, Washington, USA.

"Here’s the solution to our brick dilemma... LimeLike. This is the same product we used on our stone columns but in Fossil Grey. This absorbs into the brick so it really looks like it’s the brick’s original color. It lets the bricks original tones come through so it’s not so monochromatic (depending on how you mix it). I bought a sample of this color 2 years ago but the thought of staining my house one brick at a time kept me from rushing ahead. I didn’t want it in my mortar joints so you have to work slowly. Well we are amazed at how awesome it looks. We love it! In a week we’ve covered about half our house."
David: Fort Worth, Texas.

"I finished and everything looks great. I am so very happy to have found your product! Amazing customer service! "
Julie-Anne: Tasmania, Australia..

"Thank you so much. I was skeptical at first but I got to tell you your product is AMAZING!"
Joao: Randolph, Massachusetts, USA.

"An incredible finish achieved with your products (LimeLike 'Dark Ash' & Dyebrick 'Charcoal'). It’s even better than our vision!"
Tom & Lisa: Norwich, Norfolk, England.

"I would love to share pictures of my project with you, I’m really loving the transformation and the product."
Ciara: Litchfield, Ohio, USA.

"This is our first home and we bought it in May (2018). It's a great location for us but was a bit ugly and not what I imagined I would be buying. I did a lot of research into the best way to paint bricks and found you guys in the UK.
I've been painting my house from blond brick to the fossil grey Lime Like.
I've been very happy with your product and I'm slowly getting our house turned into something beautiful!"
Whitney: Beaconsfield, Melbourne, Australia.

"If you ever want to change the color of your bricks without painting them, try LimeLike by DyeBrick in the UK. They have brick stain and amazing customer service. All their products let the bricks breathe so moisture doesn't get trapped inside. Check em out!!"
Jeff: Depew, New York, USA.

LimeLike on Render

"We bought a red brick mid-century ranch 3 years ago and have been renovating it since. The outside was nice, but I wanted to up the curb appeal. I was originally going to paint the brick, but did some research and came across a product called Limelike from Dyebrick. It allows the brick to "breathe" unlike paint. It ships as powder in bags and you mix it with water, allowing you to control the dilution and coverage. I did some testing and liked the non-uniform look, so I added about 950ml of water per pack instead of the recommended 850ml for higher transparency. It dries within an hour and it's super easy. Covers quicker than paint and almost goof proof! I used a power washer to clean the brick and took down the shutters to prepare. I used a 4" paint brush and a ladder, then got to work! I split it into two days and it probably took me a combined 8 hours to cover the bricks with the Limelike and to repaint all the window and door trim with a basic exterior latex paint. I spent about $750 to cover a 3200 sf house, which is probably about the same amount I would've spent on regular paint. I'm very happy with how it turned out and love the completely different look it gives the house. Plus, I saved about $3k on labor by doing it myself! Next on the list - new shutters and porch resurfacing!" Amanda: Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

"What a fantastic product, easy to mix and apply, great colour, (Fossil Grey) and so reassuring to know it’s not paint so our bricks can still breath nicely :) such helpful friendly staff too, thanks guys!"
Nina and Paul: Chertsey, Surrey.

"Needed two coats to produce an even colour. I am loving the way my brick is looking now. Just what I had in mind, without the cons of painted brick.!"
Alyssa, Pendleton, Indiana, USA.

LimeLike Gallery - Dyebrick

"I paid a “professional” to replace some loose joints on my chimney 3 years ago. He destroyed my brick by smearing the wrong type of mortar on many of the brick faces. I had to pay a second company to come and repair the repairs the first professional did. However, my brick face was still covered with mortar. I have lived with this eyesore for three years, and knew I had to do something. I came across dyebrick last year and ordered a sample. I love the idea and the product seemed solid so I wanted to give it a go. This year I pressure washed and cleaned the brick and applied the LimeLike 'Dark Ash' and added darker shades using the Dyebrick 'Charcoal'. I am very afraid of heights but I wanted the job done right so I had to do it myself. I am so extremely happy how the finish product came out."
Thomas: Youngstown, Ohio, USA.