The coverage rates will vary depending on the surface texture and porosity of your bricks, the following rates will give you a good idea of what to expect from one 600g bag of LimeLike (which will produce 1 litre of product):

Average porosity: 1 litre Pack covers approx 8 sq.m (86 sq.ft) ----------10 litre Bulk Tin: 80 sq.m (860 sq.ft)
Soft, absorbent: 1 litre Pack covers approx 5.5 sq.m (59 sq.ft) --------10 litre Bulk Tin: 55 sq.m (590 sq.ft)
Smooth dense: 1 litre Pack covers approx. 14 sq.m (150 sq.ft) -------10 litre Bulk Tin: 140 sq.m (1500 sq.ft)

1 x 1 Litre Pack costs: £41.50 (approx $50) + Tax

1 x 10L Bulk Tin costs: £315.00 (approx $385) + Tax

Please try our sample sachets first, that way you will be able to work out the actual coverage rate and also assess the effects that can be achieved with your brick and masonry type. You will also be able to assess how the product fixes to your particular brick.

1 x 600 gram pack will make 1 litre of product which will cover about 8 square metres (86 sq.ft) of brickwork with average texture and porosity.

Whitney's bricks in Australia were quite absorbent and applied in hot weather. This area took 4 x 1 Litre packs.

When applying in hotter weather please take care and wait for the area to become shaded.

What is the coverage rate for your sample sachets?

Approximately 50 bricks or 10 sq.ft (0.9 sq/M)